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Deril Academy is a secondary school located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
The school started in the year 2000 as a continual education centre before converting into a secondary school in the year 2002 and currently has over 700 students

Deril Academy’s Vision is “A strong educational service institution with effective presence in Nigeria and Africa and indeed in all the key educational centers of the world”
Their Mission is to build independent future leaders on an international scale focused on achieving academic and moral excellence independently.

Deril Admission Process is as follows:

2013 Admissions Pamphlet Click Here

2013 Deril Academy Pre-Varsity Program Click Here

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Admission into Deril Academy is keenly competed for every year by students all over the world. As keenly competed for as the exam is, it follows a very easy and stress free method of application that would not be difficult for any person to comply with. The admission procedures are listed below. make sure that every applicable information on the Admission form is supplied

  • Read the admission prospectus to know if Deril Academy admits students to the the class that you wish to be considered for.
  • Print out the admission form irrespective of the class in which you are applying for (see how easy that is!!)
  • NOTE: Admission into the Primary section also requires the same form
  • Complete the application with your Email address (for quick communication) at the back of the application form
  • Send your completely filled application form alongside 2 self-addressed envelopes to the address below after making sure that the application fee had reached the school.

Deril Academy,
P.O.Box 21411,
U.I, Ibadan Oyo State,

Find Deril Academy Address Below:
No 134, Opposite Bola Ige Shopping Complex
New Gbagi (last gate), Old Ife Road, Ibadan,
Oyo State, Nigeria.

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