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Nnorom asked 3 years ago

Please NigerianFinder what is the meaning of aso ebi?


Often times people just say some words without knowing the actual meaning of them and one of those words is the popular “Aso Ebi”.

Aso Ebi is a Yoruba word and to break it down “Aso” means cloth while “Ebi” means family. Aso Ebi started of as the cloth usually worn by a family during ceremonies or funerals. However it has now gone beyond family so therefore friends and well wishers can also wear the Aso Ebi.

To explicitly explain the meaning of Aso Ebi, it is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria. The term Aso Ebi has gone beyond the shores of Nigeria that some other African Countries also wear and call theirs Aso Ebi too.

In recently times, the main purpose of the Aso Ebi uniform is to serve as a means of identification with a group of people like age mates, brides family, grooms family or friends during any special occasion most especially wedding ceremonies.

The Aso Ebi does not only make one identify with their group but also makes the occassion colourul and this has been the special attraction to most ceremonies insisting on Aso Ebi and it an be any sort of material such as Ankara or Lace. Ankara is quite affordable and is generally used.

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