Best DSTV Bouquet to Watch EPL Live?

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Musibau SALAU asked 3 years ago

Which one can i subscribe to watch EPL live, what is the price?

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Salau,

I am neither a staff nor an agent of Dstv so I will give you my sincere advice concerning watching football on Dstv.

While it is claimed Dstv compact bouquet shows football, I have to admit that you would not have the opportunity to watch any match you want.

The Dstv compact bouquet only shows some selected matches in some selected Supersport stations. This can be good if you don’t have a particular team and would rather watch any match shown to you. But if you have a favorite team you may miss out on some of their matches as it may be shown on another station which is not enabled on the compact bouquet.

To enjoy football on Dstv the minimum bouquet I would suggest is the compact plus bouquet. With this you can have access to all the matches available and the price for the compact plus bouquet is N9,420 per month.

You can also check this post for more details on the various Dstv bouquet and subscription prices:

Hope this helps.

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