Davido and Wizkid, Who is the Richest Between Them?

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I would like to know, Between Davido and Wizkid who is the richest in music industry and their respective net worth

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NF Staff answered 4 years ago


Well there are so many factors to consider if you are to know who is richer between the 2 young music artiste. Without factoring in Davido’s father’s contribution, no one can actually give you the exact net worth of Davido and Wizkid but we can deduce some assumptions from some raw calculations:

1. Wizkid was in the music industry long before Davido started.
2. When Davido started he was was not under any record label like wizkid, he and his brother had their own record label HKN so all endorsements and concerts deals were going straight to them unlike Wizkid where Banky W owned EME would cut Wizkids share.
3. We have to find out the deals and endorsements both artiste presently have and the endorsement worth.
4. Also need to consider the amount each of them charge per show.
That being said i think its really too close to call although i still see Wizkid topping Davido with just a little margin. But that’s my own decision.

DOUBLING G answered 6 months ago


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