Does Star Times Cover the English Premier League (EPL)

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dumebi alika asked 3 years ago

does star times cover the EPL?

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Dumebi

In recent times, Startimes only showed the Bundelsiga (German League) and Seria A (Italian Leage).

However they have anounced (August 2016) that they would be showing the English Premier League.
Although they stated 33 Live matches so do not expect to watch all EPL matches on Startimes.

In total there a total of 760 matches a season in the English Premier League so showing just 33 is not really a good deal for football loving fans

To really enjoy the EPL at the cheapest rate I would suggest you go with CTL but the cable network is mostly available in the South East.
For the South West and the Northern part of Nigeria the only way out still seems to be DSTV.

Hope this answers your qustion

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