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Shirley Calhoun asked 2 years ago

I have a friend who came to Canada from Nigeria he is on leave from the U.S. army. He arrived in Toronto International Airport has all his documents but is having problems with his american account and says he can not access it until June 15th 2017. He said that he needs $ 600.00 to continue his journey across Canada to British Columbia. He says that the Canadian Immigration will not allow him to proceed without these funds. He says that if i acquire the funds i am to send them to Emmanuel Dibe Location: Nigeria and they will be forwarded to him in Canada at the immigration office. I need to know if this is normal procedure. I don’t understand how he would enter the Country without funds and why his funds are being with held. I am concerned about many things mostly the legitimacy of this claim and where i am to send the funds. Please clarify. 

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