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Annfillz asked 2 years ago

I have been mArried for 3 years and we have been doing absolutely fine until my husband got a job this year that requires 3 months training.

He came back from the training last week wednessday And I found out that he is having affair with a girl he met there. He agreed they had sex and all. I felt betrayed and I couldn’t sleep that night. I was able to forgive my husband because he was honest with me and was pleading that it won’t happen again with tears in his eyes.

The problem now is that my husband said he can’t end it with the girl now because she is fragile And still undergoing training And that his reputation is At Stake. That he is going to withdraw gradually I should give him time. This girl calls Every minute, texting on whatsapp and phone. Telling my husband that within few days he left training he has changed,that she’s lonely.

My husband calls her telling her he has not changed tht he has just been busy, he’s Sorry and love her. He replies her text and texts her Too. But he keep telling me that he knows what he is doing. calls her at the slightest opportunity.

Am losing my mind cos I love my husbAnd so much and he has been a sweet man before the trAining. We have 2 adorable sons and our marriage was perfect before now. Right now my heart aches and I can’t even sleep. Please what do I do? I need your advice urgently before I lose my mind totally.

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