How Can I Grow Traffic to my Blog?

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Chizorom asked 3 years ago

i am a new blogger. How can i grow traffic to my new site.

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Chizorom. As a new blogger, you can grow traffic to your blog in the following ways explained below.
1. Getting Inbound Links to Your Blog
In order for your site to be indexed properly and as quickly as possible, you must obtain incoming links. The links should come from sites of the same blog category and geographic area that interests you. Remember that the more the sites containing links to your blog, the more your blog becomes important in Google’s eyes. To do this here are some suggestions:

  • The most widely used method, but certainly not the most effective, is to comment on blogs of others where possible, by including your the link to your site.
  • If you are registered in some forums, post the link to your site in your signature and sometimes in some of the relevant threads.
  • You can also ask the websites and blogs you frequent often to host a link to your site or an exchange of link.
  • Offer to write a guest post on some blogs you follow: you will have the link to your blog at the end of post.
  • When you choose the “anchor text” and attributes “alt”, always use complete sentences, preferably containing one or more keywords that interest you (eg ” web design blog “) and on the other hand avoid the generic expressions (eg: ” click here to visit my blog”).

2. Optimizing the Use of Social Networks
Inbound links from social networks are very important to the search engines because they certify the authority. Optimize your site to facilitate the sharing by using a social plugin.

  • Install social buttons on your site to facilitate the sharing of posts and content.
  • Ask your readers to use social buttons in the articles: each click is a new link to your site.
  • Ask your fans on social networks, to re-share your content.
  • Do not be afraid to republish links to older posts.

3. Optimize the Content of Your Blog
This is the most important part Tips to optimize your articles:

  • Always start a post with an introduction that explains the subject matter.
  • Repeat the keywords and key phrases and possibly highlight them with bold and italic as search engines give more importance to them.
  • If the text is long, divide it into sections and use a subtitle for each paragraph.
  • Properly formats the text; the right order is h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 but you do not necessarily use them all.
  • Where possible use the numbered lists.
  • At the end of the post and always get the point of the situation.
  • After completion of the post, is a phrase that describes the content well.
  • Refresh your blog by updating old posts and publishing quality content.

Tips to optimize the links:

  • The internal links are very important in every post, link to another article or a page of your blog.
  • If you cite a source, a news item, a resource, always put the link.
  • Always enter the links in a natural way in the text, avoids the lists of links at end of article.
  • Always use clear and descriptive expressions for the “anchor text” and “alt title” avoid “click here.”

Tips to optimize your images:

  • Use quality images: buy images if possible on sites like microstock, pixabay etc…
  • Do not use too heavy images, always use images optimized for the Web to improve page load speed.
  • For proper indexing of images, always use a descriptive name for the file, not a random name.
  • Attribute “alt”, uses a phrase that contains a few key words will help you place yourself in the results of google images.
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