How to Resolve Paying with the Wrong Dstv Smart Card Number

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Olatunji J.O asked 3 years ago

Please how do i reverse when i mistakenly forget to put last digit of my smart card which is 4623612272 but i entered 462361227 and my bank has debit me my decoder refused to work please what can i do now?



Hello Olatunji,

Whenever you make any payment to either the wrong smart card number or an incomplete smart card number, the first thing to do is get all necessary details. The details include:

  • The wrong/incorrect smart card number you paid to
  • Your Name, phone number and address which you filled when purhasing DSTV
  • The Correct smart card number
  • The Mode of payment
  • Details of the payment

When you have the listed details above you need to contact DSTV and you can get the contact details of DSTV here.

Its best you send them a mail as thats the best way to resolve issues like this because if you do place a call to them they would inform you to send the listed details given above to their customer care email which is

Provide the details in a the mail stating that you made payment to the wrong/incorrect DSTV smart card number.

Issues like this takes about 24 hours to rectify because DSTV would need to verify and also contact the bank to make necessary adjustments.

If your issue is not rectified after 24 hours, you can send a follow up mail or a reminder mail to the same email address listed above and also call them to verify if your issue is being worked on.

Hope this helps.

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

Answered 🙂

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