How to Swap My DSTV Decoder

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Tunde asked 3 years ago

Please I have an old dstv decoder. How can I swap it for a new decoder.
What are the processes involved in getting it done?



Hello Tunde,

Swapping your DSTV decoder can be done in 2 ways and the both ways would require you to visit the nearest DSTV office

1. You can swap your DSTV Decoder when a promo comes up and from what i have observed it comes up almost every year. Doing this would require you to visit the DSTV office as soon as the promo begins as they almost run out of the new Decoders immediately they start the promo due to the rush.
If your DSTV decoder has not been phased out and is still functional I would recommend this method as you do not have to pay for anything.

2. You can also Swap your DSTV Decoder by purchasing a new Decoder simply by requesting for one in the nearest DSTV office around you. However this would cost you as it is not free and they would take your old decoder as well. This i would recommend if your Decoder has been phased out and you need to watch DSTV.

Hope this helps…

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

Answered 🙂

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