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Nike asked 3 years ago

Hi please when will jumia start their 2016 black Friday sales?



Jumia Black Friday 2016: Black Fridays are always the day after thanksgiving and thanksgiving is usually the last Thursday of November every year. During Black Fridays most major retailers offer super discounts for Christmas shopping

In American retail stores and dealers offer special discounts to order to promote shopping and kick off the Christmas shopping.

You must be asking “what does black have to do with shopping?” According to reports the day was called black because it is usually characterized by traffic congestion and in some cases can lead to total lockdown and since it is on a Friday people started calling it “Black Friday”

Black Friday is a custom that started in the US and other countries are beginning to embrace it and also offer super discounts on products during that time with Jumia not left out.

Jumia Black Friday started a few years ago and with the kind of discount offered to buyers even as much as 80% discount it sometimes can lead to Jumia’s site crashing. Products can be Televisions, Phones, Laptops, Bags, Wrist watches and just about anything listed in the store online or offline.

So save the date for Jumia Black Friday 2016 which should fall on the 25th November.

You can click on this link access the Jumia Black Friday Page Here

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

Answered.  🙂

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