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Nmaju asked 2 years ago

What way or Company can one use to Transfer money to China ?. I’ve tried these ways:
(1) Opening a Domiciliary accnt or Dollar accnt , but that requires me to buy Dollars from black market . I don’t want it , black market is very expensive .
(2) Western Union , Moneygram is limited to only once in 3 months . It means if i send money in January i have to wait to send another in March , it’s ridiculous .
(3) I have tried Ria . No bank in Nigeria sends Ria , banks can only receive but no sending .
(4) Have tried using Paypal but Nigerian Banks has stopped any International Online MasterCard or VisaCard payment / Transaction . Only Credit / Debit cards with Domiciliary accnt can
(5) Have tried using another Chinese website called Taobao or Alipay , it’s not approved in Nigeria only  Cameroon and Ghana .
Please i really really need your help , tell me other means to transfer or send money to abroad ( China ) . Instant transfer or not Instant transfer i don’t care . 

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