My CTL is not Showing After I Recharged It

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Joshua asked 3 years ago

I did online recharge of my trend through dimond mobile app since yesterday on this smart card 01398054450-9 but after 24hrs, it is still not showing channels and I must watch ball today with it. Plz help me resolve it. You can reach me with 07061386829

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Joshua

Subscribing to CTL is easy and you did not state how you recharged and if you got any message after you subscribed.
However I would write down the steps on how to recharge your CTL below just to ensure you followed the right steps.

The CTL Recharge pins which can be purchased from CTL dealers and Union Bank branches.

You load the recharge pin as follows:

Compose an SMS on your mobile phone with the format:

VCR followed by space Enter the Pin number revealed on the CTL recharge card followed by space. Type CA followed by space and enter your Smart card number.
That is: VCR [Pin Number] CA [Smart Card Number] For Example:
VCR 123456789012 CA 01398123456-9
Send to 32818

On successful processing of your recharge you will get the response:
Voucher was assigned to your smart card succesfully. Entitlement is sent smart card no.

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