What Products and Services does ETISALAT Nigeria have?

Q&ACategory: Q&AWhat Products and Services does ETISALAT Nigeria have?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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NF Staff answered 4 years ago

Products & Services of Etisalat Nigeria Include:
Etisalat Mobile Assistant
Etisalat DotMe
Etisalat Easyflex
Etisalat Easylife
Etisalat EasyAdz
Etisalat EasyWallet
Etisalat Easy Business
Etisalat My Zone
Etisalat E-Top up
Etisalat Mobile Zone
Etisalat Football Community
Etisalat Facebook Service
Etisalat BlackBerry
Etisalat Easyblaze
Etisalat Easy Cliq
Etisalat Easy Starter
International Roaming
Recharge Cards
Etisalat Talkzone You can find more info about each product or service here: http://www.etisalat.com.ng/ourservices.php

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