Who is the Richest Rapper in The World?

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Nnamdi asked 3 years ago

Please i would like to know who is the richest rapper of all time in the world.


The Richest Rapper in 2016 is no other but Sean John Combs, better known as Puff Daddy or Puffy or P-Diddy or Diddy

He is said to be worth $750 million dollars according to forbes and Diddy is not only a Rapper but also a dancer and songwriter.

He has a keen business sense, which led him to be one of the biggest record producer and talent scout in the United States of America.

Close to Diddy in the list of richest rappers in the world is Dr. Dre who is worth $700 Million Dollars and number three is Jay-Z who is worth 550 Million Dollars.

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NF Staff answered 3 years ago

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