Why Rapture, Hell and Heaven are Real

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Tomoloju Iseoluwa David asked 1 year ago

Have you doubted sometimes that hell, rapture and heaven is not real? Read further.

Last week I had a dream. In that dream a saw an angel with a trumpet and I also someone sitting on a shinning white horse and the trumpet was blown there people that heard there garment changed to an angel liked garment. After there garment had changed to a white shinning cloth. Then, they also flew up to heaven after seeing that I worked up.

As a teenager I do pay mire attention to what God revealed unto me. I went and continued in my sin ways and acts.

The very day I had that first dream was on Tuesday so on Wednesday was when I had to get back into my sinful act then that very night on Wednesday what I saw makes me to have phobia. I saw In my dream all places were red and black and I saw fire burning continually after that I was presented with an option which is Yes or No. Then I saw my hand moving to choose Yes then, that was when the Lord my God stood me up in that fear I was having. So I prayed about it and tell Jesus I won’t go back to the sin again. Then I had to be calm once more.

That same week on Friday, I also had another dream. In that dream I saw another Rapture view. I saw ground open like earthquake and I saw people been changed and carried up to heaven.

Have you receive jesus christ already? Continue in his ways and in his doctrine. Or have you not receive Jesus do try and look for a Deeper life church or look for a Church whereby the totality of Gods word was been shared.

Thanks am Bro David from Deeper Christian Life Ministry and Tomoloju Iseoluwa David by name. May God Peace be with you all. Amen.

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Tomoloju Iseoluwa David answered 1 year ago

With all I have explain and stated in align with the question am certain it is truth.

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